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Posted by Someone

BW Styler v1.01 for.Adobe Photoshop            BW Styler v1.01 for.Adobe Photoshop
Posted by Someone on 25.04.07         Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 @ Down Cd`s
BW Styler v1.01 for.Adobe Photoshop info: B/W Styler is a Photoshop plugin for B/W conversion, creating traditional B/W effects and styling B/W photos. B/W Styler works in dozens of graphics applications including Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, IrfanView, Photoshop Elements, PhotoImpact, Photo-Paint and Fireworks under Windows. It supports 8bit and 16bit RGB images. ...
(Read More & Download BW Styler v1.01 for.Adobe Photoshop | Size: 1 Mb )

Rinjanisoft Photo Shrink v2.0             Rinjanisoft Photo Shrink v2.0
Posted by Someone on 04.04.07         Office 2013 Pro @ Down Cd`s
Rinjanisoft Photo Shrink v2.0 info: PhotoShrink is an incredibly easy to use tool that will resize your photos for use in E-Mails, on Webpages or just to save space on your computer. Simply drag and drop your photos onto PhotoShrink and they will be resized and saved automatically....
(Read More & Download Rinjanisoft Photo Shrink v2.0 | Size: 1.2 Mb )

ACDSee Photo Editor v4.0.195            ACDSee Photo Editor v4.0.195
Posted by Someone on 04.04.07         Office 2013 Pro @ Down Cd`s
ACDSee Photo Editor v4.0.195 info: Want to start being creative with your digital photos, but don’t know where to begin? Maybe you think being creative with your photos is too difficult. Maybe you think digital creativity is reserved for the photo professionals of the world. We understand your reservations. And that’s why we’ve designed ACDSee™ Photo Editor. For family photo lovers like you – people who want to turn their everyday shots into something extra special. Be creative...
(Read More & Download ACDSee Photo Editor v4.0.195 | Size: 55.4 Mb )

Photo Wallpaper Maker 1.3.0            Photo Wallpaper Maker 1.3.0
Posted by Someone on 27.02.07         Office 2013 Pro @ Down Cd`s
Photo Wallpaper Maker 1.3.0 info: Photo Wallpaper Maker is an easy to use software that will make photo-albums and display photo slide shows on your windows desktop.
Unlike a standard photo album editor which can have a steep learning curve, Photo Wallpaper Maker gives you the ability to build photo album quickly and effortlessly.
You can organize multiple photos in one page, resize and move these photos to match album page, and apply boarders, masks and other ef...
(Read More & Download Photo Wallpaper Maker 1.3.0 | Size: 3.441 Mb )

Photo Collage 1.48            Photo Collage 1.48
Posted by Someone on 27.02.07         Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Photo Collage 1.48 info: Photo Collage is a graphics tool that is capable of creating eye-catching photo collages, desktop wallpaper, CD and DVD covers, and miscellaneous Web graphics.
Photo Collage has various background pictures, and mask and frame templates. You can add a beautiful frame to a photo, and merge photos seamlessly. Photo Collage is a software that creates eye-catching photo collages.
Photo Collage is easy to use, and gives you the ability ...
(Read More & Download Photo Collage 1.48 | Size: 14.381 Mb )

PhotoRescue Pro 4.1.1            PhotoRescue Pro 4.1.1
Posted by Someone on 15.02.07         Cheap software
PhotoRescue Pro 4.1.1 info: Digital PhotoRescue Professional recovers lost data from a whole host of multimedia devices from digital cameras to PDAs and mobile phones. PhotoRescue Pro supports CompactFlash cards (type I/II), IBM Microdrives, SmartMedia cards, MultiMedia cards (MMCs), Secure Digital (SD) cards, Memory Sticks, and any other storage devices ...
(Read More & Download PhotoRescue Pro 4.1.1 | Size: 1.771 Mb )

Visual Horse Software 2.4            Visual Horse Software 2.4
Posted by Someone on 15.02.07         Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Visual Horse Software 2.4 info: Visual Horse Software is created to assist you in making better decisions about breeding, boarding, and the health and training of your horses. It also helps you to manage your farm, ranch or other horse facility.
The Visual Horse Management System is designed for horse owners, horse trainers, horse breeders, and horse boarding facilities.
This software records Horse Owner and Emergency Contact Information as well as specific det...
(Read More & Download Visual Horse Software 2.4 | Size: 7.063 Mb )

PhotoZoom Professional 2.1.10            PhotoZoom Professional 2.1.10
Posted by Someone on 30.01.07         Cheap software
PhotoZoom Professional 2.1.10 info: Many professionals are familiar with the problem; quality loss caused by digital image magnification. In many cases a great deal of time is spent on achieving only a fairly acceptable enlargement result, however there are familiar side effects including out-of-focus images and serrated edges which is illustrative for the lack of professional magnification software.
PhotoZoom Professional is a useful tool which is based on a patented, s...
(Read More & Download PhotoZoom Professional 2.1.10 | Size: 4.351 Mb )

Amazing Photo Editor 6.3            Amazing Photo Editor 6.3
Posted by Someone on 30.01.07         Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 @ Down Cd`s
Amazing Photo Editor 6.3 info: Amazing Photo Editor offers you a powerful and helpful photo editor used for photo editing,viewing and converting. 27 amazing effect filters are included!
Firstly, Amazing Photo Editor is a cool photo editing software. You can edit several photos at the same time,for Amazing Photo Editor is designed in MDI (Multi-Documents Interface). You can open and edit photos in your hard disk,or acquire photos from the scanner.
A screen capt...
(Read More & Download Amazing Photo Editor 6.3 | Size: 2.216 Mb )

Easy Photo Recovery 1.3.1            Easy Photo Recovery 1.3.1
Posted by Someone on 24.01.07         Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 @ Down Cd`s
Easy Photo Recovery 1.3.1 info: Easy Photo Recovery is a useful program that guarantees the safety of your photos and videos. Modern digital cameras and flash cards allow rewriting photo and video files many times and sometimes important files can be deleted or lost by mistake. The program will help you to restore deleted or unreadable photos and videos at once.
Easy Photo Recovery recovers photos and video from various media storage devices, such as digital camera...
(Read More & Download Easy Photo Recovery 1.3.1 | Size: 2.508 Mb )

Andysoftware Space 1.4.5            Andysoftware Space 1.4.5
Posted by Someone on 26.12.06         Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2016 @ Down Cd`s
Andysoftware Space 1.4.5 info: Hard drives are getting ever larger, yet after a while even the biggest drive starts to fill up with unwanted and forgotten files. It's tedious work looking through endless layers of directories to find those files that are filling up your drive. What y...
(Read More & Download Andysoftware Space 1.4.5 | Size: 0.850 Mb )

Photo Slide Show 3.0.1            Photo Slide Show 3.0.1
Posted by Someone on 07.12.06         Cheap software
Photo Slide Show 3.0.1 info: Photo Slide Show is a program that converts digital photos to video. Photo Slide Show can easily create slide show with higher resolution than DVD, convert digital photos to video and create stunning slide show with transition effects.
Photo Slide Show is an easy tool to convert digital photos to photo slide show and create stunning photo slide shows with transition effects. ...
(Read More & Download Photo Slide Show 3.0.1 | Size: 0.517 Mb )

BR PhotoArchiver 4.2.13             BR PhotoArchiver 4.2.13
Posted by Someone on 02.12.06         Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 @ Down Cd`s
BR PhotoArchiver 4.2.13 info: Do you have a lot of digital photos? Do you find it difficult to locate a photo? BR's PhotoArchiver is a tool that will help you organize your pictures.
Just add your photos to the Photo Index, annotate, and order them into categories. Locate and show any photo in seconds.
Organize your digital photos with BR's PhotoArchiver.
Create insert-and-run CD of selected photos and send them to friends and relatives. Automates creat...
(Read More & Download BR PhotoArchiver 4.2.13 | Size: 2.710 Mb )

gPhotoShow Pro 3.6.2            gPhotoShow Pro 3.6.2
Posted by Someone on 30.11.06         Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2016 @ Down Cd`s
gPhotoShow Pro 3.6.2 info: gPhotoShow utility is an easy to use make-your-own photo slide show or screen saver.
It can display an unlimited number of jpeg, png, tiff, avi,mov,mpg, panorama, flash animations (swf files) and web pages.
gPhotoShow can also create professional looking standalone slideshows/screen savers that can be sent by email or cd and run on any windows based computer....
(Read More & Download gPhotoShow Pro 3.6.2 | Size: 2.122 Mb )

Sony Photo Go 1.0            Sony Photo Go 1.0
Posted by Someone on 25.11.06         Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 @ Down Cd`s
Sony Photo Go 1.0 info: Your time is just as precious as the photos you take. Photo Go software helps you stay organized with a simple, easy-to-navigate interface and essential editing tools that make photo management fun and headache-free. Easily import, organize, and fix your pictures to keep your memories looking their best. You can even learn as you go with helpful, interactive t...
(Read More & Download Sony Photo Go 1.0 | Size: 18.962 Mb )

Photo History Doc            Photo History Doc
Posted by Someone on 16.11.06         Cheap software
Photo History Doc info: An image may be worth a 1,000 words, but unless you know something about the photo, the words may have little worth. Photo History Doc is a small and simple tool designed to help you document your photos.
It allows you to print your photos and history and to make copies to a CD-ROM (writeable drive required). A free viewer program is written to the CD to allow others to view your photos and history.
When you finish documenting ...
(Read More & Download Photo History Doc | Size: 1.080 Mb )

Photo Crop Editor 1.06            Photo Crop Editor 1.06
Posted by Someone on 15.11.06         Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 @ Down Cd`s
Photo Crop Editor 1.06 info: Photo Crop Editor is a powerful and interactive photo crop software for selecting and cropping an object in a picture or photograph from its background. The result can then be placed on a different background to create a new picture. Photo crop editor works even if foreground and background colors are similar.
Photo crop editor consisting of three steps: object marking: the object of interest can be quickly identified by marking quic...
(Read More & Download Photo Crop Editor 1.06 | Size: 4.489 Mb )

MiLoPhoto 2.3            MiLoPhoto 2.3
Posted by Someone on 06.11.06         Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 @ Down Cd`s
MiLoPhoto 2.3 info: MiLoPhoto is a program designed to aid in working with digital images.
MiLoPhoto was made with a digital camera owner in mind, however, there are a number of features in MiLoPhoto that are very useful to a large audience....
(Read More & Download MiLoPhoto 2.3 | Size: 1.451 Mb )

Photomatix Pro 2.3.1            Photomatix Pro 2.3.1
Posted by Someone on 25.10.06         Cheap software
Photomatix Pro 2.3.1 info: Photomatix is a program that will extend the dynamic range of digital photographs or scanned films.
If you have ever shot a high contrast scene, you probably know the problem blown out highlights and loss of contrast in shadows....
(Read More & Download Photomatix Pro 2.3.1 | Size: 3.058 Mb )

Softcolor photo sledgehammer 1.1            Softcolor photo sledgehammer 1.1
Posted by Someone on 09.10.06         Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 @ Down Cd`s
Softcolor photo sledgehammer 1.1 info: Softcolor photo sledgehammer is a useful automatic color correction utility. With SoftColor photo sledgehammer you can do oneclick automatic color correction to digital photos.
Sledgehammer utilizes power of illumination spectrum which helps you to make professional photo tuning extremely easy and fast. When you use photo sledgehammer do not need 1000 pages manuals or books. Just open the photo and it will be professionally corrected!
(Read More & Download Softcolor photo sledgehammer 1.1 | Size: 1.314 Mb )

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