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Posted by Someone

Cypherix Cryptainer v7.0.3.0 Full            Cypherix Cryptainer v7.0.3.0 Full
Posted by Someone on 17.04.07Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 @ Down Cd`s
Cypherix Cryptainer v7.0.3.0 Full info: Cryptainer protects your data by creating multiple encrypted vaults for all your files and folders. Secure your PC and ensure total privacy with Cryptainer powerful 448 bit strong encryption without changing the way you work. Offers choice of Blowfish, as well as, AES encryption algorithms. You can create a virtual drive of upto 500000 MB, that can be loaded and unloaded as required, with a password. You can drag and drop any kind of data that yo...
(Read More & Download Cypherix Cryptainer v7.0.3.0 Full | Size: 2.94 Mb )

Foxit PDF Editor v1.5.2722            Foxit PDF Editor v1.5.2722
Posted by Someone on 05.04.07Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 @ Down Cd`s
Foxit PDF Editor v1.5.2722 info: Foxit Reader 2.0 is a free PDF document viewer and printer, with incredible small size (only 1.5 M download size), breezing-fast launch speed and amazingly rich feature set. Foxit Reader 2.0 supports Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003. Its core function is compatible with PDF Standard 1.6. Version 2.0 introduces many exciting new features, including interactive form filler, multi-language UI support, on-demand download of add-on, self upgrade, Javascrip...
(Read More & Download Foxit PDF Editor v1.5.2722 | Size: 1.72 Mb )

XLS Converter 1.7            XLS Converter 1.7
Posted by Someone on 05.04.07Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 @ Down Cd`s
XLS Converter 1.7 info: XLS Converter can easily convert the excel file to txt, html, csv, mdb, dbf,etc. The processing is as quickly as possible. MS Excel is doesn't required! The interface is very neat and very powerful, you don't need to open windows explore first, you can select the directory from folder tree in the program, and then the files will list in the right pane, depend filters you have chosen, other files will not l...
(Read More & Download XLS Converter 1.7 | Size: 0.7 Mb )

NoteZilla 7.0.76            NoteZilla 7.0.76
Posted by Someone on 04.04.07Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2016 @ Down Cd`s
NoteZilla 7.0.76 info: NoteZilla enables you to place attractive sticky notes on your desktop, or associate them with websites, documents or application windows. The notes support font formatting, pictures and reminder alarms, and can be rolled up/down or hidden as needed. NoteZilla includes a ...
(Read More & Download NoteZilla 7.0.76 | Size: 3.9 Mb )

Speed Video Splitter v2.3.27            Speed Video Splitter v2.3.27
Posted by Someone on 04.04.07Cheap software
Speed Video Splitter v2.3.27 info: Speed Video Splitter is a small video splitter tool. It also has very fast speed like Speed Video Converter. You can split all supported video files by setting the startting and stopping time. Speed Video Splitter supports various video formats, such as AVI(Divx,xDiv), MPEG-4, mpeg(vcd,svcd,dvd compatible), wmv, asf, Quick Time, VOB, DAT....
(Read More & Download Speed Video Splitter v2.3.27 | Size: 5 Mb )

Speed Video Converter v3.0.27            Speed Video Converter v3.0.27
Posted by Someone on 04.04.07Cheap software
Speed Video Converter v3.0.27 info: Speed Video Splitter is a small video splitter tool. It also has very fast speed like Speed Video Converter. You can split all supported video files by setting the startting and stopping time. Speed Video Splitter supports various video formats, such as AVI(Divx,xDiv), MPEG-4, mpeg(vcd,svcd,dvd compatible), wmv, asf, Quick Time, VOB, DAT. video dvd disc freely with...
(Read More & Download Speed Video Converter v3.0.27 | Size: 4.89 Mb )

Speed DVD Creator v4.0.27            Speed DVD Creator v4.0.27
Posted by Someone on 04.04.07Cheap software
Speed DVD Creator v4.0.27 info: Speed DVD Creator is a fast and easy to use video dvd authorizing and burning tool. Speed DVD Creator supports burning mpeg files,with different quality, different bitrate and even different aspect resoultion(such as VCD/SVCD/DVD - PAL/NTSC), into one DVD R/RW disc. Speed DVD Creator also create menu for DVD movie, and can select ...
(Read More & Download Speed DVD Creator v4.0.27 | Size: 9 Mb )

MSD Organizer Multiuser 7.5            MSD Organizer Multiuser 7.5
Posted by Someone on 27.02.07Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 @ Down Cd`s
MSD Organizer Multiuser 7.5 info: MSD Organizer allows to keep all your personal and professional information in a single application, complete, easy to use, full featured and secure.
Manage your daily activities, manage your phone book, take note of your relationships with banks, clients, suppliers and other contacts.
MSD Organizer Multiuser is available and allows several users to share the information in a local area network or through Internet, keeping also th...
(Read More & Download MSD Organizer Multiuser 7.5 | Size: 6.574 Mb )

KLS Backup 2006 Professional            KLS Backup 2006 Professional
Posted by Someone on 27.02.07Office 2013 Pro @ Down Cd`s
KLS Backup 2006 Professional info: KLS Backup 2005 Professional is a data restore tool that backups data from network, database, FTP server.
KLS Backup 2005 Professional can backup files and folders (from local drives, network locations, FTP servers), registry keys, MySQL databases, email client profiles (Oulook Express, Mozilla, Thunderbird), Windows and application...
(Read More & Download KLS Backup 2006 Professional | Size: 6.331 Mb )

FTP Navigator 7.70            FTP Navigator 7.70
Posted by Someone on 17.02.07Office 2013 Pro @ Down Cd`s
FTP Navigator 7.70 info: The program lets you upload and download data or delete one or more files, including whole folders along with subdirectories.
It can also automatically resume and complete file transfers, which for some reason, have been interrupted, or periodically attempt to connect with the FTP server if the pervious link was unsuccessful.FTP Navigator is a FTP client that will let you transfer your files.
The superb options of FTP Navigator pr...
(Read More & Download FTP Navigator 7.70 | Size: 0.636 Mb )

Multimedia Builder 4.9.7            Multimedia Builder 4.9.7
Posted by Someone on 15.02.07Cheap software
Multimedia Builder 4.9.7 info: Easy to learn, Non-expensive Multimedia Authoring Software With MMB you can develop autorun menus, multimedia apps, or front-ends for your CD's* without having to spend months learning complex programming languages....
(Read More & Download Multimedia Builder 4.9.7 | Size: 20.544 Mb )

NovaBACKUP Professional Edition            NovaBACKUP Professional Edition
Posted by Someone on 15.02.07Cheap software
NovaBACKUP Professional Edition info: NovaBACKUP Professional Edition empowers you to backup all of your critical Windows 98se/Me/XP/NT/2000 data to CD, DVD, local/remote hard drives, tape drives and other removable media.
NovaBACKUP Professional Edition is a software that allows you backup disk data.
NovaBACKUP Professional Edition has an entirely new user interface and greatly expanded device support, including Blu-Ray dual layer media and Iomega REV support, giving ...
(Read More & Download NovaBACKUP Professional Edition | Size: 38.476 Mb )

HardCopy Pro 2.7.7            HardCopy Pro 2.7.7
Posted by Someone on 13.02.07Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 @ Down Cd`s
HardCopy Pro 2.7.7 info: HardCopy Pro is a professional program that allows you to capture screen.
HardCopy Pro can capture rectangular screen areas and whole windows.
The captured images can be cropped very easily and the color depth can be changed to any desired value from monochrome to true color. Images can be saved in all major file formats, copied to the clipboard, edited with any image editing program, printed, emailed, etc.
Many options allow ...
(Read More & Download HardCopy Pro 2.7.7 | Size: 0.311 Mb )

Genie Backup Manager Pro            Genie Backup Manager Pro
Posted by Someone on 13.02.07Cheap software
Genie Backup Manager Pro info: Genie Backup Manager is a many-in-one powerful backup solution that offers a great sum of features, and with the use of wizards and an intuitive interface the task of backing up data has become as easy as 1-2-3.
The backup scheduler feature also gives you peace of mind, as you can set it to protect your data regularly and silently even when you're not around.
Genie Backup Manager Pro lets you protect all your data including files...
(Read More & Download Genie Backup Manager Pro | Size: 15.091 Mb )

Load Advisor 1.07            Load Advisor 1.07
Posted by Someone on 10.02.07Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2016 @ Down Cd`s
Load Advisor 1.07 info: Loan Advisor allows you to calculate and analyze your loan. Learn how to pay off your loan sooner and save money at the same time. View a schedule showing a detailed breakdown of your loan over time. Perform "What if" calculations or see the effect of residual value on your loan....
(Read More & Download Load Advisor 1.07 | Size: 0,753 Mb )

Amadis DVD to iPod Converter 1.2.7            Amadis DVD to iPod Converter 1.2.7
Posted by Someone on 10.02.07Office 2013 Pro @ Down Cd`s
Amadis DVD to iPod Converter 1.2.7 info: Amadis DVD to iPod Converter is an powerful and easy DVD iPod ripper application that will help you convert DVDs to Apple iPod movie and video with excellent output quality.
You can enjoy your favorite DVD on your iPod as a portable DVD Player. With integrated advanced MPEG4 encoder, it is faster than other DVD iPod Converter software, and just a few clicks is enough.
Amadis DVD to iPod Converter supports batch file processing. Yo...
(Read More & Download Amadis DVD to iPod Converter 1.2.7 | Size: 3.935 Mb )

ImTOO DVD to Apple TV Converter            ImTOO DVD to Apple TV Converter
Posted by Someone on 09.02.07Cheap software
ImTOO DVD to Apple TV Converter info: ImTOO DVD to Apple TV Converter is extremely easy to use DVD to Apple TV converter and DVD to Apple TV ripping software to rip DVD movie to Apple TV MP4, convert DVD to Apple TV MPEG-4 video, in excellent image/sound quality. The DVD to Apple TV converter software also supports rip/convert DVD to Apple TV MP3, WMA, AAC. Free download ImTOO DVD to Apple TV Converter to watch Apple TV video/movie on TV or computer easily!
ImTOO DVD to A...
(Read More & Download ImTOO DVD to Apple TV Converter | Size: 3.817 Mb )

Alligator Flash Designer            Alligator Flash Designer
Posted by Someone on 02.02.07Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 @ Down Cd`s
Alligator Flash Designer info: Selteco Flash Designer enables you to create interactive Flash animations for your Web site with minimum skills required. You cannimate images, texts or shapes and create a Flash movie with added sound and transition effects.
The program provides more than 130 built-in animation effects including Fade, Zoom, Rotate, Fly and more. It also offers basic editing tools to modify any image, resize it, add objects etc.
A preview browser allow...
(Read More & Download Alligator Flash Designer | Size: 2.145 Mb )

Sateira CD&DVD Burner 2.7            Sateira CD&DVD Burner 2.7
Posted by Someone on 02.02.07Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 @ Down Cd`s
Sateira CD&DVD Burner 2.7 info: Sateira CD&DVD Burner is a professional CD & DVD burning program with advanced features and friendly interface.
Using this software you can easily create and burn audio and data CDs and DVDs, CUE and ISO images, view and extract sessions from multisession CD or DVD, quickly backup your personal files and folders, view detailed information about hardware and more.
This is a very powerful burning package with small size and low resource ...
(Read More & Download Sateira CD&DVD Burner 2.7 | Size: 3.384 Mb )

River Past Video Perspective 7.2.2            River Past Video Perspective 7.2.2
Posted by Someone on 02.02.07Office 2013 Pro @ Down Cd`s
River Past Video Perspective 7.2.2 info: Did you download some movie clip from the internet, and your video editor or DVD authoring software squeezed the wide screen to the regular 4x3 and everything look skinny?
Video Perspective is here to help. It converts video to AVI or WMV for editing and streaming, and for AVI output, it gives you the options to change the aspect ratio of the video.River Past Video Perspective is a video converter with aspect ratio adjustment from AVI.
(Read More & Download River Past Video Perspective 7.2.2 | Size: 2.515 Mb )

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