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Posted by Someone

DeskCalc Business Pro v4.2.5            DeskCalc Business Pro v4.2.5
Posted by Someone on 24.04.07         Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2016 @ Down Cd`s
DeskCalc Business Pro v4.2.5 info: Deskcalc is a full-featured adding machine with the functions you expect from a mechanical adding machine plus capabilities associated with a Windows environment. Features include a check-strip with comfortable text input per position, correction possibilities (rectifying, adding and deleting values), built-in formula interpreter, sales tax functions, cache (memory function), percentage calcula...
(Read More & Download DeskCalc Business Pro v4.2.5 | Size: 1 Mb )

Broken X Disk Manager Professional v4.00.2260 Full            Broken X Disk Manager Professional v4.00.2260 Full
Posted by Someone on 17.04.07         Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 @ Down Cd`s
Broken X Disk Manager Professional v4.00.2260 Full info: Broken X Disk Manager (prior to version 4: Broken Cross Disk Manager) is a fast, compact and easy-to-use cd/disk cataloging software for Microsoft Windows. It's also well-suited for cataloging music files (e.g. MP3s) and Audio CDs....
(Read More & Download Broken X Disk Manager Professional v4.00.2260 Full | Size: 1 Mb )

Your Uninstaller 2006 Pro v5.0.0.34            Your Uninstaller 2006 Pro v5.0.0.34
Posted by Someone on 04.04.07         Cheap software
Your Uninstaller 2006 Pro v5.0.0.34 info: Your Uninstaller! uninstaller software is the industry's leading uninstaller software. It's the world's 1st smart Drag&Uninstall™ uninstaller software under the Windows platform, it's "Windows XP Optimized" and also works on other Windows versions including Windows Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/95/2003. It's as easy as using the recycle bin. Imagine! Just a drag-drop and the program you don't want will disappear from your computer-- as well as everything t...
(Read More & Download Your Uninstaller 2006 Pro v5.0.0.34 | Size: 5.6 Mb )

Teleport Pro v1.46            Teleport Pro v1.46
Posted by Someone on 04.04.07         Cheap software
Teleport Pro v1.46 info: PC Magazine's Editors' Choice for offline browsers, Teleport Pro is an all-purpose high-speed tool for getting data from the Internet. Launch up to ten simultaneous retrieval threads, access password-protected sites, filter files by size and type, search for keywords, and much more. The most fully-featured and robust webspider available, Teleport Pro handles today's more complex websites flawlessly. Capable of reading HTML 4.0, CSS 2.0, and DH...
(Read More & Download Teleport Pro v1.46 | Size: 5 Mb )

Backup4all Pro 3.8.252            Backup4all Pro 3.8.252
Posted by Someone on 27.02.07         Office 2013 Pro @ Down Cd`s
Backup4all Pro 3.8.252 info: Backup4all is an award-winning backup application for Windows.
The application was designed to protect your valuable data from partial or total loss by automating backup tasks, password protecting and compressing it to save storage space.
The application is feature rich and offers an intuitive interface making all features easily accessible for both beginners and professionals.
The application can perform all four backup types...
(Read More & Download Backup4all Pro 3.8.252 | Size: 8.333 Mb )

DVD X Player Professional 4.1            DVD X Player Professional 4.1
Posted by Someone on 23.02.07         Office 2013 Pro @ Down Cd`s
DVD X Player Professional 4.1 info: DVD X Player is the first region free/code free application DVD player in the world.
Through this player you can play all region DVD on all DVD drives even if you have changed the region code 5 times. You needn't hack DVD drive (flash firmware) which is very dangerous.
It's a powerful and easy to use DVD player integrating all functions of a standard DVD player. It can provide superior video and audio (Dolby&DTS) quality, together with...
(Read More & Download DVD X Player Professional 4.1 | Size: 4.981 Mb )

SWF n Slide Pro 1.024            SWF n Slide Pro 1.024
Posted by Someone on 17.02.07         Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 @ Down Cd`s
SWF n Slide Pro 1.024 info: SWF 'n Slide Pro works with all popular file formats for images and audio. SWF 'n Slide Pro outputs slide shows as the Macromedia Flash file format (SWF) which is the most compatible animation and video file format for Internet applications. SWF 'n Slide i...
(Read More & Download SWF n Slide Pro 1.024 | Size: 4.387 Mb )

PhotoRescue Pro 4.1.1            PhotoRescue Pro 4.1.1
Posted by Someone on 15.02.07         Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 @ Down Cd`s
PhotoRescue Pro 4.1.1 info: Digital PhotoRescue Professional recovers lost data from a whole host of multimedia devices from digital cameras to PDAs and mobile phones. PhotoRescue Pro supports CompactFlash cards (type I/II), IBM Microdrives, SmartMedia cards, MultiMedia cards (MMCs), Secure Digital (SD) cards, Memory Sticks, and any other storage devices ...
(Read More & Download PhotoRescue Pro 4.1.1 | Size: 1.771 Mb )

PC Chaperone Pro 5.1.471            PC Chaperone Pro 5.1.471
Posted by Someone on 26.01.07         Cheap software
PC Chaperone Pro 5.1.471 info: PC Chaperone Professional combines the most comprehensive and powerful tools available and is trusted by employers around the world to prevent abuse and illegal activity
The integrated scheduling tools provide unsurpassed control of when programs can be run. The Internet filters are perfect for preventing prohibited from undesirable content such as adult web sites. The AOL, MSN, and Yahoo Instant Messenger controls are perfect ways to...
(Read More & Download PC Chaperone Pro 5.1.471 | Size: 4.673 Mb )

Media Rescue Pro 4.4.156            Media Rescue Pro 4.4.156
Posted by Someone on 30.12.06         Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2016 @ Down Cd`s
Media Rescue Pro 4.4.156 info: Digital MediaRescue Professional recovers lost data from a whole host of multimedia devices - from digital cameras, audio recorders, MP3 & WMA players to PDAs and mobile phones. The program supports Hard Drives, CompactFlash cards (type I/II), IBM Microdrives, SmartMedia cards, MultiMedia cards (MMCs), Secure Digital (SD...
(Read More & Download Media Rescue Pro 4.4.156 | Size: 1.770 Mb )

HTMLPad 2006 Pro 7.4            HTMLPad 2006 Pro 7.4
Posted by Someone on 19.12.06         Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 @ Down Cd`s
HTMLPad 2006 Pro 7.4 info: HTMLPad is a useful and sophisticated all-in-one HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XHTML editor, trusted by thousands of professional web developers and many learners in over 50 countries.
Clean and convenient interface, quick startup, true flexibility and powerful features allow you to create and edit HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript code faster and easier than ever, while integrated tools enable you to validate, reuse, navigate and deploy you...
(Read More & Download HTMLPad 2006 Pro 7.4 | Size: 3.850 Mb )

Smart PC Professional 4.2            Smart PC Professional 4.2
Posted by Someone on 10.12.06         Cheap software
Smart PC Professional 4.2 info: By a few easy steps you can make your PC run cleaner, faster, error-free with the help of a brand new, award-winning, tool - Smart PC Professional.
The software fixes stubborn errors, cleans-up space-wasting junk and debris making your PC more efficient and reliable. Special features of the new software ensure your personal privacy while surfing through the Web and protect your PC from information theft....
(Read More & Download Smart PC Professional 4.2 | Size: 2.447 Mb )

MP3Producer 2.54            MP3Producer 2.54
Posted by Someone on 04.12.06         Cheap software
MP3Producer 2.54 info: MP3Producer is an ideal solution for converting (grabbing) your audio CD collection to a variety of the most popular compressed audio formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA with the excellent output quality at a high ripping speed! Besides with this software you can easily convert WAV to OGG, WAV to MP3, WAV to WMA, OGG to WAV and WMA to WAV.
MP3Producer has the FreeDB function with customizable settings and search options that help you t...
(Read More & Download MP3Producer 2.54 | Size: 2.570 Mb )

ShareAlarmPro 1.7.4            ShareAlarmPro 1.7.4
Posted by Someone on 26.11.06         Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2016 @ Down Cd`s
ShareAlarmPro 1.7.4 info: ShareAlarmPro is a network tool that allows network administrators and users easily perform a shared folders and resources monitoring.
Using ShareAlarmPro you can monitor users attempting to access secured shares and confidential files, detect and log network access to shared folders, monitor security events, monitor accessed files, disconnect users from open files or deny network users access, monitor sharing permission changes. Sh...
(Read More & Download ShareAlarmPro 1.7.4 | Size: 1.716 Mb )

Ping-Probe 1.1.4            Ping-Probe 1.1.4
Posted by Someone on 17.11.06         Cheap software
Ping-Probe 1.1.4 info: Ping-Probe offers a comprehensive suite of ten top-quality networking tools. The tools included in Ping-Probe are: Ping, Traceroute, Network Scanner, TCP Port Scanner, SNMP Browser, Bandwidth Monitor, Finger Client, DNS Client, Whois Client and LDAP Client. Each of the tools offers a modern interface with high performance, flexible functionality, all of which are invaluable to anyone connected to the internet.
Some of the tools offer...
(Read More & Download Ping-Probe 1.1.4 | Size: 2.906 Mb )

HS CleanDisk Pro 5.48            HS CleanDisk Pro 5.48
Posted by Someone on 15.11.06         Office 2013 Pro @ Down Cd`s
HS CleanDisk Pro 5.48 info: HS CleanDisk Pro is a fast-working windows system optimizer which will clean hard-disk and system registry, optimize memory and uninstall software no longer wanted.
The program effectively removes all of the garbage data on the computer. It cleans hard disk as well as the Windows Registry.
The program also keeps track system`s memory, auto-runs at start-up to survey the system, and it automatically detects low memory, refreshes ...
(Read More & Download HS CleanDisk Pro 5.48 | Size: 2.372 Mb )

FotoAlbum Pro            FotoAlbum Pro
Posted by Someone on 07.11.06         Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 @ Down Cd`s
FotoAlbum Pro info: FotoAlbum has all the tools you need to help you organize your photos and videos. Designed to make the most complex task easy, FotoAlbum will satisfy everyone from beginners to photo professionals....
(Read More & Download FotoAlbum Pro | Size: 7.941 Mb )

Bandwidth Meter Pro            Bandwidth Meter Pro
Posted by Someone on 06.11.06         Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2016 @ Down Cd`s
Bandwidth Meter Pro info: Bandwidth Meter Pro is an easy to use network application for bandwidth usage monitoring and reporting.
It monitors traffic of all network connections on your computer and displays graphical and numerical download and upload speeds in real-time (refer to screen shot below).
It logs bandwidth use and provides how much bandwidth was used by each network connection on your computer in daily, weekly and monthly.
Bandwidth Meter...
(Read More & Download Bandwidth Meter Pro | Size: 0.855 Mb )

ViewCompanion Pro 4.16            ViewCompanion Pro 4.16
Posted by Someone on 05.11.06         Office 2013 Pro @ Down Cd`s
ViewCompanion Pro 4.16 info: ViewCompanion Pro is a program that can view, convert, markup and print HPGL, HPGL/2, TIFF, CALS, BMP, JPEG and PNG image files. You can also export the loaded file into one of the following formats:

Adobe PDF
Adobe Postscript
AutoDesk DWF
Autodesk DXF
CALS Group 4 Raster
CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile)
Gerber RS-274X
JPEG Raster
Paintbrush PCX
PNG Raster
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
(Read More & Download ViewCompanion Pro 4.16 | Size: 2.387 Mb )

TreeSize Professional 4.1            TreeSize Professional 4.1
Posted by Someone on 05.11.06         Office 2013 Pro @ Down Cd`s
TreeSize Professional 4.1 info: TreeSize Professional is a powerful and flexible hard disk space manager for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003. Find out which folders are the largest on your drives and recover megabytes of disk space. TreeSize Professional shows you the size, allocated and wasted space, the number of files, 3D bar and pie charts, the last access date, the file owner, the NTFS compression rate and much more information for several folder...
(Read More & Download TreeSize Professional 4.1 | Size: 3.527 Mb )

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